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Câlin de groupe

We   need   you !

As a volunteer organisation, we're always looking for people willing to combine action and fun!


Reach out to us if you want to help the community with one of your activities.


Organize and take initiative for social events, along with a group of other members who also burn for organizing parties, karaoke, hikes or restaurant!

It is entirely up to you how much work/fun this position will end up being.


Holding improvisation sessions on the topic you'd like sound fun to you? You are already an intermediate or advanced improviser?

Then reach out to us! 


The IICV constantly look for new leaders and we would be happy to lead you through this path of becoming an IICV Session Leader :D


You are a professional trainer or advanced improviser and have an idea of workshops or classes you would like to hold? 

Together, we can make it happen ! 


Want to do lights, want to do sound on shows?

Want to do pictures at shows? 

If you sign up for this you will be notified whenever there are shows and get the opportunity to help out with the role you want. 


No prior experience required.

We need your help with: 

- designing new posters and event pictures

- sharing what's going on on social media

- seeking feedbacks from the community 

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