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About Us

The International Improv Community in Vienna (IICV e.V.), a non profit, volunteer association aiming at promoting english-speaking improvisers and their integration in the Austrian cultural scene.

Our  Goals

The purpose of the association is to create a community based and inspired by the principles of improvisation: 

  • Being positive

  • Liking each other 

  • Respecting yourself and others 

  • Celebrating mistakes 


In the IICV, we have the conviction that the above values will affect positively both of our community and improv experiences.

Our Actions 

The IICV organises, promotes and facilitates any kind of improvised arts on a voluntary basis. 

The community is based on regular appointments to ensure continuous practice and grow trust among improvisers. Occasional events aims at training specific improv skills (by locals) or socialising.

All the events are open to everyone.

Weekly appointments:

  • Sessions, open to any level of improvisers.

  • Music for Improv sessions.

Learning-based appointments:

  • Workshops and courses, led by local figures.

  • Shows.

Community-based appointments:

  • Come together events. 

  • Power Point Karaoke, improv painting ...

Financial Organisation:

  • Incomes: membership, event prices.

  • Costs: Leader compensation, rooms rent, administrative costs (bank, insurance, web apps)

  • The board and organisers are all volunteers.

The price of the events is tailored so that the association does not make any loss nor benefit.

We offer a fixed price and a discount for members. Due to the social purpose of the association, a discount can be applied for low income on request.

Innovate Value by Design Venn Diagram

The Board of the association

 The Board is elected at a General Assembly on November of each year.

The board is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the association. and its members help to planing, coordinating and executing all of the cool and fun activities that happen at the IICV!


The board is currently composed of the following members with, but not limited to, their area of expertise:

  • Adeline:    social medias, workshops

  • Florian:      IT tools, website, event support, communication

  • Axel:          music for improv, improv camp, accounting

  • Lukas:       shows, PPT karaoke, international events

  • Paul:          community events

  • Johanna:   support activities

Official Registration

The IICV is registered onto the official austrian Vereinregister with the ZVR Number: 1236421179.

The bylaws of the association are accessible below, both in German and in English.

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